2020 President’s Newsletter

Dear Gregory Manor Swim Club Family,

We hope and pray that all of our member-families and their loved ones continue to stay healthy, safe, and in good spirits.

The pool is officially open today, June 20th!!

In an effort to protect all member-families and the GMSC Board and Staff, new COVID-19 related guidelines and a liability waiver have been published on this website and emailed to all members.  These items were discussed at our member Zoom meeting on June 18th.

These new rules/guidelines include the following:

  • Member-families will be required to sign a liability waiver, stating that use of the pool is at their our risk and will take appropriate health precautions when utilizing the pool and/or club grounds;

  • Access of the pool and club grounds will be limited to those family members listed on the member-family’s membership documentation and/or bond (as of April 30, 2020) and no other guests will be allowed until further notice;

  • No parties until further notice;

  • No usage of the refrigerator/freezer will be allowed until further notice;

  • Lawn chairs, loungers, and tables will be available for use, but sanitizing/cleaning of said items before and after use is the sole responsibility of the member-families who utilize them.  Member-families are encouraged to bring their own chairs;

  • Grilling stations will remain open, but sanitizing/cleaning of the area before and after each use is the sole responsibility of the member-families utilizing them. Member-families must bring their own cooking utensils, as none will be provided by the club.

  • Member-families should bring their own hand sanitizers and face coverings.  GMSC will provide hand sanitizer and face covering for use by pool club staff only.

Please keep in mind that these rules/guidelines are fluid and likely to be amended several times prior to their distribution to all member-families.

A  good portion of our member-families have provided some or all of the pool dues that were due on April 30th.  We still encourage our member-families that have not paid and are experiencing an unexpected financial hardship to please contact our treasurer, Kristen Follis at gmsccttreasurer@gmail.com, so we can help set-up an alternate payment schedule.  Otherwise your account may incur a late fee if the first payment is received after April 30th.  Also, taking into consideration that the pool is opening later than previously scheduled, a revised statement will be sent out prior to the 2nd payment installment due date of June 30th.

Please continue to take care of yourselves and your loved ones. We know that we’re going to get through this, together.

Warm Regards,

Gregory Manor Swim Club Board