Interested in Becoming a Member? Club Brochure

W E   C U R R E N T L Y  H A V E   B O N D S   F O R   S A L E ! ! !

To become a member of the Gregory Manor Swim Club, you must buy a bond from a current member which makes you a part owner of the pool and its grounds.

The GMSC Board can assist you in finding an interested member who is willing and or ready to sell their bond,  Please contact Bruce Mollenthiel Membership Chairperson at or 917-288-4251 (please leave a message) for more details, and to add your name to our waiting list.

Recent Bonds have sold in the $4,000 – $5,000 range, where the amount gets negotiated between parties in a private sale, as long as the current pool club member is current on their respective dues and guest fees.  In addition to the Bond Price, the new member is responsible for a $150 initiation fee payable to the club.  The GMSC Board also has first right of refusal on bond sales to help insure we maintain the value of our bonds.

Bonds and Membership may not be rented or sublet to non bond holding members.

Annual Dues are determined by the board each year, and for the 2021 Pool Season the  dues are $600.  We break the dues into 2 easy payments for our members, as long as they have not have a late payment history. Otherwise, Annual dues must be paid up front each year in April.  Members selling their bonds must be current with their dues before the Bond Transaction can officially occur.

Based on Membership votes, additional annual assessments may be charged to cover the costs of capital improvement projects that cannot be covered out of the annual operating expenses of the club.  The creation of the reserve fund in 2011 was to help our club with paying for parts or all of future capital improvements.

Attached is our Club Brochure – feel free to give it out to friends / neighbors who may be interested in joining our club.

Please contact our membership coordinator at:


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